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Why Choose Jake Barrow Architecture + Interiors?

Thinking of embarking on a residential building project? Considering a building new home? Or perhaps hoping to undertake a refurbishment and modernisation of your existing property?

Jake Barrow Architecture + Interiors are here to guide you through the process of building or renovating your dream home.  We are a full-service Architecture + Interior Design practice, surrounded by a trusted team of specialist, independent, consultants. We're driven  to achieve the best, personalised designs possible and get you the greatest bang for your buck. 

In this article we set out how we believe JBA are the right choice to protect your interests and guide you through the building process. 

We understand that embarking upon a building project can be a daunting process and potentially the largest financial commitment of your lifetime. Therefore, selecting the most suitable service to support you through the process is not a decision to take lightly. 

What is the JBA difference? 

We are regularly asked by clients,  what sets JBA apart from the competition?

Our answer to this is simple: We offer a truly personalised service, we listen to our clients and remain completely  focused on protecting your interests, exceeding your expectations and achieving your lifestyle aspirations. 

We provide a flexible approach to problem solving, we are experienced in thinking outside the box, creating intuitive design solutions in complex situations and negotiating best outcomes with council.

" At JBA We fight your corner, protect your interests and aim to get you the best design outcome and build quality for your budget. "

Our passion is to create beautiful homes which are tailored around your every requirement, but we are also here to fight your corner from day one and support you through the building process. We provide our services on a transparent fixed fee basis, structured around your brief, no open ended percentage based fees or hidden charges.

Our clients can sit back in the comfort that they have a committed architect on their side!

Our '5 Step' Service Quality Commitment

1) Philosophy: Its all about you

A successful project reflects its owners aspirations in every way. We follow a simple philosophy based on our unwavering principles to listen, to adapt and to protect our clients interests each step of their journey.

2) Design: We get it right

Our Responsive Design Process (RDP) gives you the ability to experience each aspect of your home before ground is broken on site. We adapt, then refine, resulting in beautifully detailed, lifestyle enhancing, homes that work for you. 

3) Approach: We listen and we adapt

Our clients benefit from one, singular point of contact throughout the process. Jake puts himself at the center of all our projects, ensuring that you always know where to turn when faced with a problem or need assistance with a difficult decision.

4) Program: We keep you on track

We aim to get you on site as soon as possible. We offer comprehensive design coordination, manage external parties and guide your project on the smoothest path towards completion. 

5) Budget: Intuitive value management

We seek optimum results for our clients, we aim to maximise your investment by adopting a coherent approach towards value management,  establishing best value/best quality solutions through intelligent design and intuitive scenario evaluation. 

" Jake will happily make himself available to help you get the ball rolling with a quick phone call or a coffee and chat "

In just 15 minutes we can establish an understanding of your goals and expectations, explore possible limitations and opportunities and start to help you prepare a clear path forward. 

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