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Blog: "How do I know that I will love my design?"

Often a big concern of clients prior to embarking on a building project with an architect or interior designer is the daunting prospect of not been completely satisfied by the resulting design despite the considerable time and financial investment required in having it prepared.

At JBA our designs are all about you! Our approach ensures our projects are completely tailored around our clients whilst our expertise helps balance conflicting factors such as your lifestyle aspirations and your budget.

We have created our Responsive Design Process (RDP) to ensure that we get it right!

We start each project with a blank canvas. We have no preconceptions regarding style or design and we know that good, intelligent design doesn’t always have to break the bank.

It is our priority to maximise the potential of your block, your budget and your project goals.

We listen to our clients, we evaluate your requirements and we prepare personalised design proposals which respond to your goals, your lifestyle aspirations and your style tastes.


 " JBA clients are

given the opportunity 

to be truly involved

in a personalised

design process. "

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Our clients are given the time to consider our design proposals, make suggestions and request tweaks every step of the way. 

When decisions get tough or it is difficult to agree consensus within your family (its completely normal!) we prepare options, help you evaluate the pros and cons and aim to add clarity to the decision making process.

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We understand that not everybody is an expert at reading plans, so we ensure that our clients have the opportunity to visually experience their home before ground is broken on site.

We present our work to you in realistic 3D visualisations and can even give you a virtual walk-through, so you can truly evaluate the design and  refine it before proceeding.

We are confident that through our process, your completed home will be everything that you  imagined.

Let us help you begin to explore the potential of your project ideas. Arrange a no obligation consultation today, and get a clear perspective on your path forward. 

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